With the evolution of technology, new social systems are emerging. However, because there is too much of a leap from our current society, it is difficult to imagine them in concrete terms.
“BAIS(bai•us)" is a board game artwork in which players (citizens) simulate city management with BAIS (Blockchain & AI System) through "city planning" in a future city (BAIS CITY) that may be made possible by AI and Blockchain.
BAIS is a system set up to realize a decentralized city. It simulates city management based on the city plans sent by all citizens respectively, and based on the results, proposes new laws to all citizens that are most suitable for BAIS CITY. For city planning, we use colorful pieces that show buildings and an acrylic board that shows a map of the city. Players create their own city plans by placing buildings in the areas shown on the map on the board while adhering to the regulations. The created city plan is photographed using a smart phone and sent to BAIS through a messaging application.
After several of these have been gathered, BAIS will propose new laws based on the results of the analysis. Citizens participate in the management of the city by voting on the pros and cons of the proposed laws. The game repeats this process.
BAIS is a puzzle-like game where you have to create a city plan that meets the requirements before other players (online competition), and is a simulation game of future city management.
I believe that the primary purpose and significance of this work is for the players themselves to imagine cities with their own will, and to critically plan their cities with the judgment of BAIS. When we realize the importance of this process in repeating the game, we will be able to stop our march towards dystopia.
「BAIS」は、AIとブロックチェーンが可能にするかもしれない未来都市(BAIS CITY)を舞台に、プレイヤー(市民)が「都市計画」を通してBAIS(Blockchain & AI System)と共に都市運営をシミュレーションするボードゲーム作品です。
BAIS(AI)は、非中央集権都市を実現するために設置されたシステムです。全市民からそれぞれ送られる都市計画を元に都市運営のシミュレーションを行い、その結果に基づいてBAIS CITYに最適な新たな条例を全市民に提案します。都市計画には、建物を示すカラフルなコマと都市の地図を示すアクリルのボードを使用します。ボード上の地図に示されたエリアに、条例を守りながら建物を配置することで自身の都市計画を作成します。作成した都市計画は、スマートフォンを用いて撮影し、メッセージアプリを通じてBAISに送ります。
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